Big Pink Vauxhall Viva's and The Language of Curiosity!

Suzy Starlite of the Starlite Campbell BandIf ever I’m asked for any words of advice when it comes to starting a new job, a new course or in fact anything new, I aspire to live by this simple mantra: be authentic, be yourself and… be curious.

Easier said than done right?

More and more as I learn about myself and other people, adding new chapters to my biographical exploits ’The Wonderful and Sometimes Troublesome Adventures of Suzy Starlite! (age three and a half), it’s an achievement some days just to carry on or get back up when you get 'knocked back' or 'knocked down'... and giving things, giving life and sometimes people another chance! It’s even harder still to stay soft and protect that childlike wonder of inquisitive innocence and curiosity that is often calcified through the hardness of experience.

Our new Starlite Campbell Band album ‘The Language of Curiosity’ is a collection of stories told in music about different aspects of the life that we live right now, today, from working for the man, sex, love, space, social systems, power, money, rock 'n' roll and other shenanigans; it's like looking at different sides of a Rubik's cube. 

This is the second album Simon and I have co-written and again we really focussed on writing honest, fun, thoughtful, sometimes brutal words in service of the story and song; letting each tale inform the feel and style of music, from full-on rock ’n’ roll tribal drums, thunderous bass, badass filthy dirty guitar riffs, melting melodies, crazy tornadoes of sound, sirens and laughter to the nakedness of silence and intimate breathing washed by waves of angelic harmony... that’s life right?

If you were to read a label with a list of ingredients, the musical flavours would be a fusion of original '70s British rock and British blues with an echo of prog and folk.

But really, the best thing to do is listen to the album. My words here only serve as an introduction, a hopeful matchmaker, a friend of a friend.

Once our music is 'released' it's only and always about you and how you feel, how you connect and what it means to you. I truly hope you enjoy the ride and that it becomes a part of the soundtrack to your life!

If you would like to pre-order 'The Language of Curiosity' ahead of the official release date, it is available to buy on delicious 180g vinyl (the lacquers are being cut at Abbey Road on July 13th), CD and as a high-quality digital download direct from our Starlite Campbell Band shop.

Suzy Starlite of the Starlite Campbell BandTalking about life, it's my birthday today (July 8th) so I decided to celebrate my 55th birthday by posting a couple of photos from a recent photoshoot we did for the new album with the wonderful photographer Sandra Ventura here in Portugal.

Studio photoshoots are not something I'm ever hugely comfortable with but everyone made us feel so welcome and relaxed, it actually turned out to be a lot of fun!

Thanks to Andreia Oliveira for sorting all the logistics and translating, Paula from Cabeleireiros Unisexo in Samora Correia for the kickass haircut, Michelle Faustino for the make-up and Sandra Ventura for her photographic skill, humour and professionalism!

I am also indebted to Simon's soul-brother Jez Levy from Eyes on St. Albans who literally changed my world when he became our eyewear stylist. Jez chose these magnificent frames from Kirk & Kirk for my live performance on-stage eyewear. Kirk & Kirk are renowned for making expressive eyewear for creative individuals and these frames are extraordinary; it was a perfect match!

I must admit, there is no way I would have entertained the thought about wearing something that reminded me of my Nana's Vauxhall Viva let alone choosing them in such a vivacious dramatic pink but I trust Jez! He has this natural gift to know what your personality needs to express yourself and it's up to you how adventurous you want to be and he never pushes anything, more like inspires you to try something fresh - in this case, Kirk & Kirk and now there is no turning back!

He truly is the 'King of Eyewear' and combined with the trailblazing inspiration of Kirk & Kirk, I feel more vibrant, playful, authentic and slightly mischievous!

I'm truly, madly, deeply in love with my husband Simon Campbell who is my world, 55 years old and rocking Vauxhall Viva big pink glasses with a new album on the way!

Thank you universe... and thank you for being curious enough to read these words.