Suzy Starlite with her Mike Lull T4 'Starlite' bass at the Supertone Records studio. Portugal.Hello, I’m Suzy Starlite - custodian of the groove, storyteller and full-time musician with the Starlite Campbell Band. 

Music is my language… 

I love gigs - they are the way we can all hang out together.

I love festivals - our community match-makers where we don’t have to go home if we don’t want to.

I love vinyl - a musical time-portal with soul.

I love making music and playing bass - it feels right!

I also love banana flavour custard-style yoghurt.

Welcome to my website, the first time I have had my own bijou ‘home’ on the internet.

Here is where you’ll find stories and photos of musical adventures and the people I meet along the road. There’s also a section on bass guitars and gear, talking about what makes them special plus new music updates and video releases; all under one virtual roof.

So, to kick off - it’s big, red, shiny and roars like a mighty beast of rock! Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to my first ever signature bass guitar - The Mike Lull ‘Starlite T4’ - take a look at the story

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