"Language of Curiosity' new Starlite Campbell Band single & music video released today!

I'm thrilled to announce that our great friends at American Blues Scene are hosting the video world premiere for our new single 'Language Of Curiosity' - the title track of our highly acclaimed second album which is released today.

An added curiosity, the single cover artwork was taken by talented photographer Paul Husband and features his father, legendary cartoonist Tony Husband.  The Husband family are kindred spirits and have been such an inspiration to us over the past few months. As artists, they are not afraid to speak their truth and we are honoured to be working together.

As full-time independent artists, we do everything ourselves from writing, recording, producing to marketing, tour booking and even filming and editing our own music videos in this instance - the whole kaboodle!!


Much love, Starlite xxx

'The Language of Curiosity' album 

  • Voted #7 in Music News, UK Top 28 Albums of 2021   
  • #2 in Official Roots Music Report Charts, USA  
  • #2 Independent Broadcasters Blues Charts, UK / Album Pick of the Month  
  • BBC - Featured artists & album of the week  
  • #1 Pica Top Hit 100 Charts, The Netherlands  
  • Over 35 ★★★★★ reviews and counting