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Big Pink Vauxhall Viva's and The Language of Curiosity!

If ever I’m asked for any words of advice when it comes to starting a new job, a new course or in fact anything new, I aspire to live by this simple mantra: be authentic, be yourself and… be curious.


Hello, I’m Suzy Starlite - custodian of the groove, storyteller and full-time musician with the Starlite Campbell Band. 

Music is my language… 

I love gigs - they are the way we can all hang out together.

I love festivals -…

Keeping it Simple – Walking the Bass Line #2

“If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” Isaac Newton, 1676

A lot of music leaves me feeling detached and unengaged because, putting it simply, it doesn’t make me feel anything. Sometimes…

Walking the Bass Line #1

The hardest part about playing a new instrument is trying to work out what direction to go in and really where to start.

When I decided to play the bass guitar this problem was promptly taken away from me as…

French Horns and Tangos

On the second day of thinking about the music that has inspired me, having started with the first gig I ever saw, (Stevie Wonder at the NEC in Birmingham) it naturally drew me back a little further to my…

Women and Music

The giant Apple, it doth appear, wants to help choose the music we hear.

Through tales of broken hearted girls and women bereft of intelligence pills,

The Prince will come and save the day – Be SAFE and shop the

Seven Days of music that has inspired…

The other day I was nominated by my friend Nick to take part in the ‘Seven Days of Music that has inspired…’ challenge that has gone viral on some social media sites.

I’m not usually into that kind of thing…